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Recipe proposed by POTIS for the preparation of Gyros

Seasoning for 100 kg of Gyros:

Prepare a mixture with following ingredients and spread it on the meat slices:

  • vegetable oil 5 litres
  • minced lard 10 kg
  • salt 1,2 kg
  • pepper 900 g
  • cumin 170 g
  • oregan 180 g
  • minced onions 4 kg

Cut the lard in stripes so that it fits the entrance of the mincer. Pare and cut the onions. Now bring a part of lard and a part of onions in the mincer. Take care that lard and onions are mixed in equal shares. Afterwards weigh out the other ingredients and mingle them well with lard and onions in a big vat.

In order to get a very tasty Gyros, use preferably pork-meat (out of the shoulder low fat). Cut it into slices of about 9,5-10 mm. Sort out the large and small pieces. Use the small parts for the inferior part of the skewer and the larger ones for the upper part.

It is important to smear each layer of meat brought on the skewer with the previous mentioned spices. To obtain a good shape, cut the meat which surpasses with a sharp knife and put the pieces between the slices of meat in order to avoid the slightest waste of meat. Place slices of meat side by side in order to form a closed circle.

It's recommended to keep the prepared skewer for 12 hours in a cool place.

Even though the meat can be deep-freezed (for several weeks at a temperature of 18 C), its taste will not be affected at all.

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