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Important information for our customers

Dear Sirs,

Since a few months, an increased amount of POTIS replications is to be found on the market.

Several customers complained and turned to us, believing having purchased a POTIS grill, but as a matter of fact theyare in possession of a Doner or a Gyros-grill, only equipped with a POTIS motor.

However, the basic component isoften of unknown origin but bearing our designations, in disregard of our patent rights (for ex. POTIS, E2, E3, GD3, GD4 etc.). Partly, they are even advertising with test marks of the Technical Inspection Agencies TÜV or DVGW, without having been approved.

The Trade Supervisory Office has been informed and we will institute legal proceedings against any person infringingthe patent. If you get knowledge of such infringements of our patent, we kindly ask you to contact us.

Furthermore you are entitled to return misdeclared products to the vendor and to claim for refund.

Our original POTIS Gyros-Grill bears a type label stating the particulars of the manufacturer, both on the motor andon the basic component. The label for the gas grills bears the test mark n° CE - 0085 AQ 0859

Will you please pay utmost attention to our original POTIS labels

POTIS Labels

  • Motor Nameplate


Of course we will further on ensure, even after more than 25 years, the exceptionally good and rapid service, which also includes the delivery of spare parts.

Garanty for our motors may be granted upon receipt of the proof of delivery to your final customer only, stating the serial n° as well as the date of purchase.

POTIS grills are available with heating elements made of glass ceramics

POTIS CERAN doner gyros shawarma grill devices with Ceramic Glass

Check out our POTIS CE models


Our popular POTIS models are available with a bottom/rear motor and an bevel gear as sliding sleeve.

POTIS MU grill-devices

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